Sangjoon Lee (expected Spring 2019): TBA
Hugo Panzo (expected Spring 2018): Scaling limits for Brownian Motion Penalized by its running maximum.

Honors Thesis / Undergraduate Research (undergraduate students)

Dennis Scheglov (expected Spring 2018). I’m the math co-advisor for Dennis’ University Scholars¬†project.

Joseph Sweeney (expected Spring 2018): Probabilistic Optimization of Algorithms.

Sailesh Simhadri (expected Spring 2018): Information Theory for Conditioned Markov Chains (research supported by UCONN SURF grant)

Rachel Lonchar (Summer  2018, currently PhD candidate at U of Minnesota Civil Engineering): Nonexistence of Efficient Markovian Coupling for Finite State Markov Chains (research supported by UCONN SURF grant)

Thomas Bassine (Spring 2016, currently PhD candidate at Yale University Stats from Spring 2016): Stein’s Method

Elizabeth Tripp (Spring 2015, currently PhD candidate at Dartmouth College Math): Efficient Coupling for Random Walk with Redistribution (research supported by UCONN SURF grant)