Preprints and Publications
My  ArXiv page will be updated with work from Fall 2016.

  1. (with Alexander Roitershtein and Rinaldo Schinazi)  A Random Walk with Catastrophes, submitted. PDF
  2. (with Behrang Forghani) On Transformations of Markov Chains and Poisson Boundary, submitted. PDF
  3. (with Roger Silva) On a Local Version of the Bak-Sneppen Model, submitted. PDF
  4. (with Steven Miller) Appendix C  to The Distribution of Gaps between Summands in Generalized Zeckendorf Decompositions (by Amanda Bower, Rachel Insoft, Shiyu Li, Steven J. Miller, Philip Tosteson), Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A Vol. 135 (2015), 130–160. PDF
  5. A Stochastic Model for the Evolution of a Quasispecies (with Rinaldo Schinazi), Journal of Statistical Physics, 162(2), 415–425. PDF
  6. Efficient Coupling for Random Walk with Redistribution (with Hugo Panzo, and Elizabeth Tripp), submitted. PDF
  7. A Probabilistic Approach to Generalized Zeckendorf Decompositions (with Steven Miller), to appear in Siam Journal of Discrete Math. PDF
  8. Coupling for Drifted Brownian Motion on an Interval with Redistribution from the Boundary,  Electronic Communications in Probability Vol. 19 (2014), no. 16, 1–11. PDF
  9. On Independence and Determination of Probability Measures,  Journal of Theoretical Probability Vol. 28(3), 968–975. PDF
  10. On Wallis-type products and Polya’s urn schemes (with Diana Hay and Alexander Roitershtein),  American Mathematical Monthly Vol. 121, No. 5, 422–432. PDF
  11. Maclaurin’s Inequality and a Generalized Bernoulli Inequality (with Keith Conrad),   Mathematics Magazine Vol. 87, No. 1, 14–24. PDF
  12. Principal Eigenvalue for Brownian Motion on a Bounded Interval with Degenerate Instantaneous Jumps,  Electronic Journal of Probability, Vol. 17 (2012), no. 87, 1–13. PDF
  13. An Empirical Process Interpretation of a Model of Species Survival, Stochastic Process.  Appl. 123 (2013), 475–489. PDF
  14. Inequalities for Functions of Transition Matrices (with Michael Neumann and Olga Pryporova),  Linear Algebra and its Applications, Vol. 436 (2012), no. 2, 335–348. PDF
  15. On a species survival model (with Anastasios Matzavinos and Alexander Roitershtein), Electronic Communications in Probability, Vol. 16 (2011) paper 22, 226–233. PDF
  16. Stochastic Analysis of the Motion of DNA Nanomechanical Bipeds (with Anastasios Matzavinos and Alexander Roitershtein),  Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 73 (2011), no. 8, 1931–1951. PDF
  17. Probabilistic Approach to Perron Root, the Group Inverse, and Applications (with Michael Neumann),  Linear and Multilinear Algebra, Vol. 60 (2012), no. 1,  39–63. PDF
  18. On the Subcritical Phase for a Homopolymer Model (with Hugo Panzo). PDF
  19. A random walk on Z with drift driven by its occupation time at zero (with Mathieu Merle and Alexander Roitershtein),  Stochastic Process. Appl. 119 (2009), no. 8, 2682–2710. PDF
  20. Large Deviations For Partition Functions of Directed Polymers in an IID Field, Annales de L’Institut Henri Poincare 45 (2009), no. 3, 770–792. PDF
  21. Spectral analysis of a family of  second-order elliptic operators with nonlocal boundary condition indexed by a probability measure (with Ross Pinsky),  Journal of Functional Analysis 251 (2007), no. 1, 122–140. PDF
  22. Ergodic behavior of diffusions with random jumps from the boundary (with Ross Pinsky), Stochastic Process. Appl. 119 (2009), no. 3, 864–881. PDF
  23. The Asymptotic Shift for the Principal Eigenvalue for Second Order Elliptic Operators on Bounded Domains under Various Boundary Conditions in the Presence of Small Obstacles,  Israel Journal of Mathematics 169 (2009), no. 2, 181–220. PDF
  24. Absolute continuity/singularity and relative entropy properties for probability measures induced by diffusions on infinite time intervals (with Ross Pinsky).  Stochastic Process. Appl. 115 (2005), no. 2, 179–206. PDF